Quiz 5

Bordeaux and the South West!

Välkommen till detta test nya Quiz 5 - 10 frågor

Detta är ett exempel på den typ av frågor som du kommer möta på vägen till att bli Sveriges bästa sommelier. För detta test kommer det inte finnas någon tidsbegränsning men i den verkliga tävlingen kommer alla moment vara tidsbegränsade. Börja med att ange ditt namn följt av e-mejladress. Resultatet kommer skickas till den angivna adressen.

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Which one of the first growths in Bordeaux do continually present a new, specially designed label, crafted in collaboration with different artists?
What is the name of the vineyard and eponymous wine, that was one of those starting the trend of garage wines from the right bank, and whose first vintage was in 1979?
From north to south, which are the correct order of the following appellations?
In which commune is Château Lascombes situated?
A typical “left bank Bordeaux-blend” consists of the following grapes, in descending order:
What does the term “sur souche” indicate?
Which region of France’s South West is home to Château Barréjat?
The grape couple Gros and Petit Manseng are most commonly found together in…?
What is the least permitted alcohol level of Sauternes?
In Entre-Deux-Mers AOP, the following wine styles are permitted: