Quiz 11

Rhône and Languedoc-Roussillon!

Välkommen till detta test nya Quiz 11 - 10 frågor

Detta är ett exempel på den typ av frågor som du kommer möta på vägen till att bli Sveriges bästa sommelier. För detta test kommer det inte finnas någon tidsbegränsning men i den verkliga tävlingen kommer alla moment vara tidsbegränsade. Börja med att ange ditt namn följt av e-mejladress. Resultatet kommer skickas till den angivna adressen.

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What do producers Thierry Allemand, Domaine Corubis, Alain Voge and Auguste Clape have in common?
A Northern Rhône appellation for still and sparkling white wines of Roussanne and Marsanne?
From south to north, which are the correct order of the following appellations?
Which of the following red grape varieties is NOT permitted in red Châteauneuf-du-Pape?
Which grape can be related to the following description?

“The grapes are deep yellow and can tolerate draught well. The wine is high in colour, alcohol, and a very particular perfume redolent of apricots, peaches, and blossoms. Most wines of this grapes are intended to be drunk young”.
Wines from this region can serve as a less expensive option for guests who wish a rosé wine from Tavel or a red from Châteauneuf-du-Pape.
Languedoc-Roussillon occupies how much a share of France’s total wine production?
What is La Clape?
What is correct for AOP Minervois?
This producer’s most notable wines are La Landonne, La Turque and La Mouline.