Quiz 10


Välkommen till detta test nya Quiz 10 - 10 frågor

Detta är ett exempel på den typ av frågor som du kommer möta på vägen till att bli Sveriges bästa sommelier. För detta test kommer det inte finnas någon tidsbegränsning men i den verkliga tävlingen kommer alla moment vara tidsbegränsade. Börja med att ange ditt namn följt av e-mejladress. Resultatet kommer skickas till den angivna adressen.

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What does the word “Escolha” mean?
In which Portuguese DOP is it common to blend, among other grape varieties, Azal, Arinto, Trajadura and Loureiro?
From south to north, which are the correct order of the following appellations?
What is the name of the almost extinct grape variety, grown in DOC Colares at the western edge of the Lisboa region?
This region sits between the mountainous Dão region and the Atlantic, and profiles itself by being an important producer of sparkling wines?
An important event that was going to be a turning point in Portuguese wine history took place in 1986 – which one?
What is “The Douro Boys”?
What is Barca Velha?
Choose the grape variety that is adherent to the following description
“Used for fine dry reds, it produces small quantities of very small berries which result in deep-coloured, very tannic, concentrated wines often with floral aromas. It is also grown in Australia, California and South Africa.”
What is “pastel de nata”?